What is Dentures Treatment?

Dentures treatment is generally required to replace any missing teeth or all the teeth.

How do we replace teeth once they are lost?

Artificial teeth can either be fixed or replaced. Your dentist can tell you about which option is better for you after examining the condition of the tooth. If few teeth are lost then the option of fixing is suitable and can be easily implemented but if all or many teeth are missing or damaged then there is a need of replacement using dentures.

What are the different types of dentures?

Removable dentures - These dentures are designed to be removed and replaced by the patient itself when required. Removable dentures can be full dentures or partial dentures

Fixed Dentures - The fixed dentures cannot be removed by the patient and also these are used only as partial dentures means that these can replace only a limited no. of teeth.

Implants supported dentures - These dentures are more popular these days because implant supported dentures can be embedded into the bone for supporting the artificial teeth. Another benefit of such dentures that these provides a better strength, stability and comfort to the patient as compared to routine or traditional dentures.

What is a complete (full) denture?

A complete denture implant is done when there is a need of replacement of all the teeth. The complete or full dentures are fabricated before the extraction of damaged teeth and inserted soon after the Tooth extraction and this procedure of complete denture implant is known as immediate complete dentures. Use of full denture or the replacement of all teeth is referred to as full mouth rehabilitation.


Time Taken:- One Day