Protect yourself from painful dental diseases with routine dental cleaning.

Some minerals such as plaque, tartar and nicotine can’t be eliminated by simply brushing the teeth. Since bacteria or toxins reside in plaque or tartar often cause cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal diseases, regular teeth cleaning helps you maintain oral hygiene and health. Incorrect tooth brushing, defective fillings or crowns, food residues between teeth, breathing by mouth, and malocclusion are the main cause of plaque. Hus’hu recommends you to get the regular dental cleaning every 6 months to maintain healthy teeth and gum. For those with periodontal disease, it is recommended to get the regular dental cleaning every 3~4 months since dental scaling improves blood circulation of the gums, prevents inflammation and periodontal diseases.

  • Structure of Tooth

Tooth is consisted of tooth enamel, dentin, cementum and dental pulp. A tooth is the hardest and highly mineralized substance in human body. Tooth enamel, supported by dentin, forms an anatomical crown to protect inner structure. Color of enamel varies from light beige to white.

  • Scaling & Polishing:

Myth: Dental Cleaning / Scaling & Polishing loosens the teeth, causes gaps& makes them sensitive

Fact: Scaling & Polishing or Dental cleaning is most commonly advised dental procedure advised by a dentist at an interval of 6-8 months. This process removes the hard deposits of tartar & calculus which normal brushing & flossing cannot remove. It only makes your teeth better, cleaner & stronger.

(Gaps may be a reason of removal of tartar between the teeth which was naturally present but covered with the tartar)

Time Taken-As less as 1-2 visits