Smile Makeover with Dental Veneers at Arvind Dental Care

Smile Makeover is done to correct Imperfections like gaps between teeth, misalignment, jetting out teeth, crowded and overlapping teeth, and discolored teeth using Ceramic Dental Veneers. It is most commonly known as cosmetic dental treatment or main feature of cosmetic dentistry.

Crystal Veneers are brand new dental laminates that do not require any tooth reduction with its 0.2mm of ultra thin ceramic veneer.Ceramic Dental Veneers are thin shell like tooth colored structure, designed to cover the front side of the tooth. Ceramic Dental Veneers are so natural looking that it is impossible for 99% people to judge or identify the difference.

  • Steps:

  • Appointment for smile designing consultation
  • Show case of digital smile makeover and treatment plan discussion
  • Preparation of teeth, impression taking and placement of temporaries.
  • Final Bonding of Ceramic Dental Veneers

  • Post Management after laminate veneers

  • Correct brushing and regular scaling are needed to maintain your dental health.
  • Avoid biting or chewing solid or hard food.
  • Be careful of external shock to avoid damaging attached veneers.
  • Regular dental check up is needed.
  • Avoid drinking hot and cold drinks for the first 24 hours after treatment.

Time taken:- As less as 2 days * (Case dependent)