Have you ever wondered what would you look like with Ceramic veneers or smile makeover/Smile design ?

Now you don’t have to wonder, because at Arvind Dental Care you can see the transformation before you even start your treatment that too in first sitting in as less as 15 mins.

At Arvind Dental Care, our experts can evaluate your smile with specific smile design principles in mind. The aesthetic surgeon can take your personal preferences into account and help design the smile of your dreams. With a personalized combination of advanced treatment, we can address virtually any problem. Using computerized imaging programs, we at Arvind Dental Care in Kurukshetra can show you what your smile will look before your treatment is done.

We at Arvind Dental Care can even use the images to improve communication with our accredited dental labs. This gives the technician a better understanding of what cosmetic dentist is looking to accomplish and offer the ceramist a very clear comprehension of the desired outcome.